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       •  Introduction - 0:00
       •  Don Pardo news bulletin - 0:11
       •  Cliff Hill news bulletin - 0:40
       •  Bill Ryan news report - 1:20
       •  Relay of information - 2:33
       •  Associated Press photographer report - 2:56
    President John F. Kennedy assassination
    The never recorded by NBC first National television 68 seconds bulletin by Don Pardo, and the first 3 minutes and 53 seconds of NBC reporting, pre-empting all other programming, by Bill Ryan, Chet Huntley, and Frank McGee.

    Nov. 22, 1963


    Announcer: Produced In Color in association with the NBC Television Network.

    Don Pardo: NBC Newsroom in New York: President Kennedy and Governor John Connolly of Texas have been cut down by assassin' bullets in downtown Dallas. Will repeat that: President Kennedy and Governor John Connolly of Texas have been cut down by assassin's bullets in downtown Dallas.

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    They were riding in an open automobile when the shots were fired. The President, his limp body cradled in the arms of his wife Jacqueline, have been rushed to Parkland Hospital.

    Clint Hill, a Secret Service agent assigned to Mrs. Kennedy said "he's dead" as the President was lifted from
    the rear of a White House touring car-the famous bubble top from Washington. He was rushed to an emergency room in the hospital. Other White House officials were in doubt as the corridors of the hospital erupted in pandemonium.

    The incident occurred just east of the triple underpass facing a park in downtown Dallas. Reporters about five car lengths behind the Chief Executive were behind the autocade. Stay tuned to your NBC station for the later news.


    Bill Ryan:
    It is reported that President Kennedy was seen lying face down on the floor of his car, his wife holding him. Again we have no word on the President's condition.

    One AP man on the scene said blood was visible on the
    President's head. He has been taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. The motorcade took about five minutes to get to the hospital. It was during that trip that reporters saw the President lying flat on the face of his car.

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    One reporter asked one of the Presidential assistants,
    ahh Kenneth O'Donnell if the President was dead, the man gave no answer. There is no reason to believe the President is dead, there is no word on his condition, neither is there any word on who made the attack.

    That is all we have from Dallas, Texas at the present time. There has been a gun attack on the President of the United States.

    Chet Huntley: (inaudible)...scrambled communications in this country, are at this moment. We will relay to you all the information that we have. We shall establish circuits between New York and Dallas at any moment.

    But in the interim, we shall relay to you from here the information that we have, it goes like this. President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas Texas. He was shot as his motorcade left the downtown part of the city. Mrs. Kennedy leaped up, grabbed the president and cried "On no", and the motorcade sped on.

    An Associated Press photographer reports that he saw blood on the presidents head. The Associated Press photographer said he heard two shots but thought somebody was shooting fireworks until he saw the blood on the President.

    Here is more information, Kennedy, apparently has been shot in the head, he fell face down in the back seat of his car. Blood was on his head, Mrs. Kennedy cried "On no" and tried to hold up his head.

    Governor Connolly remains half seated (inaudible section)

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